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As lockdown restrictions are eased and the nation starts to arrive at a ‘new normal’, economists and environmentalists alike are
Once your application has been submitted, it’s gone through the validation process, all consultations have been carried out and the
At its heart, planning is about comparing the benefits of a proposed development with the harm it would cause. Very
The planning system can feel adversarial and even like a bit of a lottery at times, with seemingly arbitrary decisions
Red tape. Jargon. Welcome to the world of Town Planning! And although there’s plenty of advice out there, it can
Every planning application in the UK receives on average 2.2 objections, with 1.9 million complaints logged since the start of
Sun, sea, sand and some remarkable beach sculptures made Children North East's annual Sandcastle Challenge one of the most successful
Ever wonder what life would be like with a more flexible way of working? In this article published by Planner
There’s a lot of advice available regarding Town Planning, thousands of pages dedicated to what can be perceived as red

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