DASH 2021 Team Challenge Roundup

It seems like yesterday that we first came up with the idea of our DASH 2021 challenge! And yet here we are, over a year later and the challenge is complete.

It has been quite a year! We initiated the challenge in the middle of a global pandemic with the aim of getting the team out of the house during a period when everyone was working from home, with little social contact and some of us home schooling. It was hoped that it would help maintain our physical and emotion wellbeing… little did we imagine that another 60+ people would jump onboard too!

The Planning House Team, aptly named ‘Who Runs The World’, completed the challenge in 27 weeks, tying 7th with Debbie Brown after the Parky Blinders (1st), Watt’s Gold (2nd), Mad Runner (3rd), Mark Russell (4th), Non Run Runners (5th) and Jocelyn Wilkinson (6th).

We are absolutely thrilled that all 61 runners who started the challenge completed the challenge… and we managed to raise over £2000 for DASH, a local charity that supports people facing homelessness.

Click here for a full update on the challenge and to view the image gallery of our challenge.

2021 team challenge