Planning House is an independent town planning consultancy offering a professional knowledgeable service to meet a clients need. Whether it is through increasing property value by securing planning permissions, site allocation, or development appraisals we can navigate the planning system to ensure client satisfaction.

We believe in providing clients with a bespoke and individual service, understanding clients aspirations and the issues they are facing is essential to ensure we provide the right approach.

Planning House embrace a common sense, straightforward approach, providing clear, no nonsense advice with the aim of ensuring our clients case is best represented.

  • What is Town Planning?
    Edward Vaudin took over writing the Northern Insight article this month, his piece on What Town Planning is informative and thought provoking. People are in general passionate about where they live. However, are they fully aware that the decisions made on ‘what goes where’ could impact the community for generations?
  • Planning Appeal Allowed in Co. Durham
    Planning House in collaboration with Blake Hopkinson Architects have secured planning permission for up to 66 houses in Co. Durham. Whilst Durham County Council submitted that they now have a 5 year housing land supply under the new method of calculation published in the NPPF 2018, the Planning Inspector concluded that material considerations indicate that a decision should be taken contrary to the development plan and the very limited adverse impacts of granting permission would not significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits of the development.
  • What is a Planning Breach?
    If you’ve found yourself in the situation where you have had a visit from a Planning Enforcement Officer you should know the potential consequences. This month's Northern Insight magazine article considers planning breaches. A planning breach in itself is not illegal (apart from specific cases such as unauthorised works to listed buildings or to protected trees), however failure to act on an enforcement notice can be a criminal offence.