Planning Success – Affordable Housing Co. Durham

It’s no surprise that we’re absolutely thrilled to have assisted securing planning permission for an affordable housing scheme as its the type of development we really get excited about.  There is still the s106 to finalised, however Heads of Terms have been agreed and this part of the process is well underway.

This was a resubmitted scheme, outline planning permission is in place for 20 units, however full permission was  refused by Durham Planning Committee and upheld at appeal based on amenity, landscaping and design grounds.  The scheme is for 100% affordable housing.

Our Helen Heward put a lot of work into this one, working with Councillors prior to the resubmission to ensure that the scheme ticked the boxes for the building contractors (Gus Robinson Developments), housing association (Believe Housing) and the local community and it paid off!

NORR Consultants revised the plans and the scheme was significantly amended in an effort to address concerns raised by planning committee members . This includes;

  •  A reduction in the number of units proposed to reduce the overall density of the scheme ;
  • A reduction in the proportion of three bedroom properties;
  • Amendments to the proposed layout to retain more of the trees on site , the previously refused scheme sought to remove 24 trees. The revised scheme requires removal of a total of 13 trees;
  • Additional soft landscaping to break-up hardstanding to the front of properties and a reduction in the amount of hardstanding proposed including the use of varying materials to break up the appearance of ‘tarmac’;
  • A detailed landscaping scheme including shrub and tree planting in particular to enhance the setting of the adjacent war memorial, SUDs scheme and surrounding the access point to the development to create a positive feature and mitigate against the loss of trees required to facilitate development;
  • The rear gardens proposed to serve the properties have been increased in size;
  • Revised car parking arrangements to avoid congestion on the existing highways; and
  • Proposed terraced properties have been removed to facilitate removal of rear ginnel/alley to the rear of properties to address concerns raised regarding crime/fear of crime.

Well done Helen, Believe Housing, Gus Robinson Developments and NORR Consultants – awesome work!

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