Planning Success – Community Representation, Appeal Dismissed in Durham

Planning House is thrilled to announce that a refusal of planning permission has been upheld on appeal. While it may seem unusual to celebrate the refusal of a development, we were working on behalf of a resident’s association against the proposal, highlighting the importance of community representation.

In this instance Durham County Council Planning Team had recommended approval of the application for construction of 12no. townhouse dwellings to include undercroft parking, courtyard gardens, vehicular access, landscaped gardens, hard landscaped access/amenity areas, and soft landscaped perimeter treatment within the City of Durham.

The Planning Inspector allocated to determine the appeal agreed with the committee (and our client) and dismissed the appeal.  The site is vacant, within a residential area and within a Conservation Area, so the effect on the heritage asset was a significant consideration which we made robust representation on.

The Inspector concluded that the proposal would deliver 12 new dwellings in a suitable and sustainable location, which would contribute to the Government’s objective to significantly boost the supply of homes and also contribute to council tax revenues and local spending. However, even considering the site’s lengthy period of vacancy would be extended if the site remains undeveloped, the Inspector found that the adverse effects of the scheme would not outweigh the benefits of redeveloping the site.  The public benefits associated with the scheme were not sufficient to outweigh the harm to the Conservation Area given the great weight that must be given to its conservation.

It is important not to be a NIMBY (Not In MY Back Yard objector) when commenting on a development proposal. Take a look at our blogs How to object to a planning application without being a NIMBY and Everyone if a NIMBY where we give top tips for avoiding the title of NIMBY.

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