Planning Success – Discharge of Multiple Conditions

Planning House are extremely happy to secure approval for the discharge of multiple conditions relating to control of dust, surface water details, landscaping, conservation management plan, materials, lighting, levels, hard landscaping surface treatment, boundary treatments, waste management, cycle storage in relation to a recent approval for expansion of facilities at existing skills academy including provision of modular class rooms, offices, welfare facilities, tele handling tower, temporary timber framed bungalows (for training purposes), alterations to internal roads layout and car parking, including works to existing ponds and other associated works.

Seymour Skills Academy is a specialist North East based training centre providing a wide range of accredited and bespoke construction and civil engineering plant training. The Skills Academy offers learners the opportunity to train within an 11 acre, real-life construction site environment, equipped with industrial plant and machinery, a specialist confined space unit, classrooms and welfare facilities.

The operation of the business can now commence safe in the knowledge that planning requirements have been addressed.  We’re thrilled to have played a small part in such a fantastic venture.

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Discharge of Multiple Conditions