Planning Success – Green Belt Dog Training Use

We know that Chris is a crazy dog lady! So we’re over the moon that one of her schemes for a dog related use has been approved.  The application sought the change of use of the land and existing buildings from agricultural and equestrian use into a commercial dog training business with ancillary activities.

The site is located approximately 4.5km north-west of Ponteland town centre in Northumberland and within the Green Belt.  The Council considered that the re-use an existing building used as stables and this outdoor recreation would be a modest intensification of the site.  And therefore would not impact the rural character and the openness of the Green Belt.

Big THANK YOU to Apex Acoustics for assisting the scheme with a noise report to demonstrate that the proposed use would not have an adverse effect on neighbouring properties.  The case officer at Northumberland Planning Department worked proactively with us, approving the scheme under delegated powers.

We’re delighted for our client and wish them every success on their new venture!

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