Planning Success – Planning Permission & Listed Building Consent Approved, Stockton

We are thrilled to assist Steve Dodds at SJD Architects Ltd secure planning permission and listed building consent for extension to a commercial mid terraced property used as a dentist.  The property is a three storey building with a grade II listed status situated within the Yarm Conservation area along the western section of the High Street.  This application sought permission to erect a first-floor rear extension to the existing dental practice and in order to meet the needs of the business and provide additional patient care.

Stockton Borough Council confirmed that the proposed expansion of the existing business is supported in national and local policy terms, and the impacts of the extension were not considered to significantly affect the character of the area (including conservation area), amenity of neighbouring occupiers or highway safety. Planning House provided a Heritage Statement which assessed the impact on the significance of the heritage asset, although the Council considered that a degree of harm will occur, it was considered ‘less than significant’ and the overall significance of this rear setting had already suffered from some harm as a result of the previous ground floor extension. In addition, the proposals in providing an existing dental practice the opportunity to grow and expand its services offer public benefit which weight in favour of the proposals. Thus the identified ‘less than substantial harm’ on the heritage asset was considered to be outweighed.

The rules around developing in proximity to heritage assets can seem daunting at first, but understanding significance is the key to unlocking opportunities while avoiding unnecessary restriction. In our article Understanding Significance and Avoiding Harm to Heritage Assets break it down and see how considering significance leads to win-win solutions.

In terms of demonstrating that the public benefit associated with the scheme outweighed any perceived less than substantial harm to the heritage asset, Planning House provided information highlighting the following:

  • the current issues surrounding the availability of Dentists in the area;
  • the long waiting list and appointment availability;
  • the clear need for further facilities to cope with the demands and pressures of providing a much-needed health service in the area;
  • the closing of other facilities which has led to more pressure on service;
  • the opportunity to provide local employment opportunities;
  • the need for more dentist post pandemic; and
  • the lack of specialist/complex providers of dental treatment.

We are delighted to have been part of the process to bring much needed additional dental services to the area.

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