Planning Success – Quarry in Oxfordshire

We are delighted to have worked with Gemma Crossley at GMKC Ltd, an independent planning consultancy, specialising in all aspects of Minerals, Waste and Renewable Energy developments, on a site in Oxfordshire which has had permission for sand and limestone extraction since 1986.

The application we submitted to Oxford County Council secured planning permission for the erection of workshop, wheelspinner, control room, alterations to weighbridge office, retention of weighbridge and provision of new parking areas (part retrospective) within the existing quarry site.

The development which was granted is located in the area used to manage quarry operations and does not introduce additional functions or activities onto the site. The works are necessary for the safe and effective functioning of the site, which Oxford County Council agreed with and approved the development.  The development is temporary for the duration of the permitted activities on site, in this case 2044.

We look forward to working with you again Gemma, and congrats to our client.

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Planning Permission Quarry Oxfordshire