Planning Success – Tourist Accommodation in Northumberland

We are thrilled to secure planning permission for works to a former coach house to provide tourist accommodation in Northumberland.


The background on the site is complex however to break it down, consent was previously granted for tourist accommodation in 2022 by Northumberland County Council and the principle of development and its contribution to the tourism offer and economy was recognised and supported.  This new application arose due to a change in the scope of renovation works as recommended by the Council’s Building Regulations team.  The new proposal remains as before, which is, to provide self-catering holiday accommodation for 6/8 persons.  However due to the level of works required the Council considered this to no longer be a conversion and more akin to a new build in the rural area.

Tourism Assessment of Need and Demand

Planning House provided a Tourism Assessment of Need and Demand to support the proposal, as due to the ‘new build’ accommodation proposed different criteria needed to be considered.  Our evidence highlighted that there is a need for adequate provision of self-catering tourism accommodation within Northumberland and the local area, which contributes significantly to Northumberland’s economy.

The tourism assessment addressed the potential for the development of a self- catering, high quality accommodation to meet an identifiable and increasingly emerging ‘need’ for a tourism development designed to meet a range of needs especially, but not exclusively, for those wishing to access the outdoors, and active holidays including hiking, cycling, fishing and well-being and healthy living.   The report also examined ‘demand’ for such accommodation and explored the current level of provision locally and within Northumberland and the surrounding area, and how the current proposal contributes to that demand.

Our work demonstrated that there was strong case for this proposed development in terms policy objectives of Northumberland Council, as well its ability to satisfy ‘need’ and ‘demand’. Tourism trends post-pandemic add weight to the need for such accommodation providing access to nature.   However importantly, this development was well-placed to meet the requirements of the overnight visitor, staying for several nights which maximises visitor spend, local economic benefits, and provides a very high quality tourism experience within an area where supply is limited.

Planning Approval from Northumberland County Council

Thank you to the Planning Officer dealing with this proposal, Ben MacFarlane on behalf of Northumberland Planning Team, for his positive recommendation.  The Council seeks to promote and develop Northumberland as a destination for tourists and visitors, while recognising the need to sustain and conserve the environment and local communities. As far as possible, planning decisions are expected to facilitate the potential for Northumberland to be a destination for cycling and walking holidays, landscape and nature-based tourism, activity holidays and out-of-season offer.

We look forward to being able to provide a link to this new tourism accommodation once its operational as it’s a little gem!

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Planning permission for Tourist Accommodation in Northumberland