All clients are individual and understanding your aspirations is essential to ensure we provide the right approach.

Planning House can represent you as landowner, developer, objector or an interested party in all areas of planning. Whether it’s speaking on your behalf at a planning committee, or providing evidence to support your case during a Local Plan review.

Whatever your requirements we can tailor our service to ensure your case is best represented.

If you are against a development proposal, we can ensure objections are relevant and focused and we will give you a realistic view of how an application may be determined and whether there are legitimate grounds on which to object.

Local Planning Authorities can only take into account ‘material planning considerations’ when looking at comments and objections to a development proposal.   View our guide to What are Material Planning Considerations?

Our FREE eBooks on Development Plans and Application Process provides a brief guide to The Basics of these topics.

Having worked with Chris in the Countrywide land teams, I can safely say that not only is her planning expertise second to none, but she is also capable of understanding the commercial viability of developments, which can be a rare commodity in the planning world.
I have many years experience in the land markets, and suffice to say, if I need planning advice, or any of my clients need to obtain planning, or, indeed I just need a specific answer to what can and can’t be done, regardless of the local authority in question, then I simply call or refer to Chris. 
Nick Bevan, Land & Development Consultant, London & South East

Planning Applications, Planning Appeals & Planning Consultant