Bar/Restaurant Open to Public in Business Planning Success

We’re delighted to have secured consent for a bar/restaurant, The Prickly Pear to be open to the public within a unit on a business and training centre known as the TAD Centre on Ormesby Road at the edge of, but not within, the Berwick Hills District Centre, Middlesbrough.

In assessing the application Middlesbrough Planning Committee concluded that although use as a restaurant outside of the district centre is contrary to local policy, its use is important in the functioning of the TAD centre and that opening it up to the public will support its long term viability and the ability therefore for the use to continue supporting the businesses within the TAD Centre. It was also considered that the use would not have a significant impact on the vitality and viability of the nearby district centre.

Middlesbrough took a very proactive view supporting a local business which has created 20 jobs at a time when the economic recovery of the country must be a significant factor for developments.

Congratulations Helen Heward for getting this over the line and on doing your first virtual planning committee meeting.