Business & Planning Act 2020 Success Chesterfield (Additional Environmental Approval)

There has been numerous changes in planning one of which under  the Business and Planning Act 2020 allows an extension of time for permissions which lapsed between certain dates during the COVID-19 lockdown.  The new provisions in the recent legislation grant an extension until 2021 for schemes which haven’t progressed, this is due to lots of sites stalling because of COVID-19.

We are happy to have secured an extension of time to a permission which had lapsed by serving notice under Part 3, Business and Planning Act 2020 (the Act) Section 17 – 93B Extension of certain planning permissions: additional environmental approval for a new dwelling in Chesterfield.

The Local Planning Authority had 28 days to confirm if the notice, and the lapsed scheme fell within the criteria outlined in the Business and Planning Act. If the local planning authority failed to respond within the 28 days, the additional environmental approval would have been deemed to be granted in relation to the relevant planning permission, unless an extension of time is agreed.

Confirmation has been received from Chesterfield Borough Council that the additional environmental approval was granted and the lapsed permission was again ‘live’.

Whilst this mechanism has not been widely used, it’s a simple process, there is no fee payable to the relevant Council and it allows a lapsed permission to be revived – it’s a no-brainer!

We’ve produced guidance on Additional Environmental Approvals.