Business Support for the Planning House Team

We were delighted to welcome Noella Willis to the Planning House Team back in October! Noella provides the team with much needed business support, meaning that we can focus 100% on helping our clients with their planning issues.

As Noella has been with us for a couple of months now, we thought it would be great to get to know her a bit better, so the team put together a questionnaire of things we would really like to know…

Where are you from? I grew up in a lovely little pit village called Murton and then Seaham.

What did you do before Planning House? Before Planning House, I worked in Education, which is somewhat different to Planning House! Without a doubt, the 2 months I have been with Planning House so far have shown me this is the best move in my career and I am just super excited for my future.

What do you do at Planning House? At Planning House, I am Business Support where I help the lovely ladies with anything they need, from invoices to consultation websites and leaflet distribution… I am completely versatile.

You’ve known Chris for a while… what’s with the nickname? I’ve known Chris for over 33 years and she calls me ‘Ben’. I will never disclose the reason behind the name – it’s purely just Chris and I who know why!  Chris is actually known as Chrissy to me, so its a bit confusing with 2 in the team!

Do you have any other nicknames? So, my real name is Noella Dawn Willis. My family call me Holly or Nolly – purely because for over 25 years my brother in law would say Holly Nolly and then my nephew was born, and he thought my name was auntie Holly so it stuck.

What is your favourite book? My most favourite books are by the lovely Cecelia Ahern. Many years ago I read ‘Ps I love You’ (before it was a movie) and it was the first time in my life I read a book in less than a day!! I couldn’t put it down.

What do you do to relax? Whilst relaxing I tend to be some what boring and listen to podcasts rather than watch TV shows. I don’t like soaps and not really a fan of reality shows. Like most people I know I’m completely addicted to ‘Shagged Married Annoyed‘.

Who do you admire most in life? In life I would say I admire my wonderful daughters Katie, Emma and Charlotte for no other reasons than their kind hearts, can do attitude and their pure determination in everything they do. I am completely in awe of them.

If we went to Happy Hour, what would you order? If we went to Happy Hour, I would be the one ordering Cocktails.

We feel that we all know Noella much better for that… and we look forward to joining her for a cocktail (or two) at Happy Hour!

Business Support - Planning House