Do I need a Town Planner?

Do I need to hire a Town Planning Consultant?

In a lot of cases the answer is NO!  If your proposed development is not complex for instance a house extension or a simple commercial development then don’t waster your money employing a town planner.  In these cases, often a good plan drawer or architect should be able to get you through the process.

What does a Town Planner Do?

Town Planning can be a complex subject which can be difficult to navigate with lots of red tape!

In a nutshell the role of a Town Planning Consultant is to unravel that red tape and to act on behalf of clients maximising development opportunities or representing a client’s interest.

When would I need a Town Planning Consultant?

It is common for those going through the planning process to appoint a planning consultant on risky or controversial projects to help a project through the system and reduce the risk of planning permission being refused.

Planning consultants are often appointed because they have an existing knowledge of the local area, local planning policy, or they have an existing relationship with the local panning authority.  However this isn’t always needed whilst planning policies differ between Council’s the principles of planning remain similar.  Take a look at our blog on When to Hire a Town Planner.

Why would I need a Town Planning Consultant?

Planning applications and all their potential complications can be daunting. With a million and one things to think about, it’s very easy to make oversights that could make life difficult for you in the long run.

By hiring a town planner, you will have the reassurance that there is someone there to provide expert guidance every step of the way, increasing your chances of a successful project from the outset.

A town planner can guide you through the process efficiently, offering expert support and guidance if anything goes wrong along the way.

When would I bring a Town Planning Consultant into the process?

Sometimes planning consultants are brought in when things go wrong, which is fine depending on the project, as mentioned above you don’t always need a consultant fighting your corner.

However, it’s always beneficial to bring in a town planner as early as possible into the process.  They can advise on issues from the outset, potentially saving you time and money – we’ve all seen Grand Designs and other TV programmes which slam the planning process due to its complexity and delays.  Well, a Town Planner on your side should help smooth the process for you.

How do I find a Town Planning Consultant?

You’re reading this so you’ve found one… However, finding one that’s right for you and your project is important, we’ve put together this Guide on how to choose the best town planner for you!

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