National Organise your Home Day

The history, origin, and founder of Organise Your Home Day are unknown. There is no specific mention about the year from which this Day has been celebrated – so why am I highlighting it to you?

This day, or at least thinking about this day, provides a chance for us all to think about making things easier for ourselves. We know from the pandemic that our home is extremely important so an organised one especially so.

One can avail lots of advantages when being organised. It can help you live a balanced life which would be beneficial to mental health.

It is so easy to take things from the place where it is with an organized home. Donate the things that are no longer in use from your home. Make yourself organized to live a peaceful and joyful life. The day encourages people to stop being irregular and be organized.

Now you’re probably wondering how or where do Planning House fit into organising my home?

Well when I organised my home last year I realised I just didn’t have space for everything I needed. The treadmill was pushed in a corner, the toys were strewn all over the floor and I was working from home with a dining table as my office. This got me thinking if I had a conservatory or and extra room or could I create an extra room using one of the larger rooms. Then I thought what do I need to have in place to do this? Do I need planning permission? Do I need an architect? How much will all this cost ? What’s the planning process? What size extension can you build without planning permission? Do you need planning permission to turn a garage into a room?

So many questions my head hurt!

I wanted to do my research without a heavy cost. Planning house has numerous ebooks that are FREE that helped me achieve my lovely organised home and without the jargon and waffle!

Take a look at our resource’s which include an ebook on Permitted Development Rights there maybe something that could help you too!  We’ve also done an article Do you need planning permission for a garden office which maybe useful when looking at organising your home.

Noella Willis, Business Support, Planning House