Planning House Revisited – Sequential Assessment

Helen continues to revisit some of the tricky applications where approval was gained and development is starting to be delivered. This time we revisit Lyla Belles, where discussions around the need for a sequential assessment reared their head again.

Visit 3… Lyla Belles required a change of use from A1 to A3 in a retail park. Importantly for this one was the discussions regarding whether or not a sequential assessment was required. In this case it was reluctantly agreed that a sequential assessment was required. However based on case law relating to how sequential assessments should be applied the scope was agreed to be restricted to the town centre and eventually the planning policy team accepted the argument that sequentially preferable locations did not offer the operational and locational requirements that the application site did and would not draw footfall away from the town centre. It was great to see the venue thriving in the sunshine with people enjoying the outdoor seating area.

> For more information about sequential testing check out our Practical Guide to Retail Impact Assessment & Sequential Testing

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