Planning House Revisited – Public Consultation

In the last in our series ‘Planning House Revisited’, Helen revisited the Port Homes Seaton Meadows development, where Planning House recently carried out a public consultation and submitted an application for 76 dwellings on phase 2, which is currently under consideration with the Council.

Visit 4… Helen has done a number of S73 applications for Phase 1 of the Port Homes Seaton Meadows. Prior to submission Planning House were delighted to carry out a public consultation which, due to covid restrictions, was done through a consultation website.

The phase 2 application is progressing with negotiations taking place regarding developer obligations to be secured through a S106 agreement and the on-going issue of nutrient neutrality which is affecting development in the River Tees catchment area. However the developers on the site are proactively working with appropriate consultants to work towards a solution.

It was brilliant to see residents enjoying their homes on the sunny morning Helen visited and she is looking forward to seeing Phase 2 delivered to the same high standard of quality and design as phase 1.

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