Planning Success – Living Roof Dwelling

We are excited to announce that we have secured planning permission for an accessible bungalow for a recurring client.  The bungalow has the unique feature of a living roof.  So not only will be visually stunning, it will also be environmentally friendly.

The application site is within a conservation area, next to a Listed Building and is tandem development in a sustainable East Durham village.  Tandem development (often referred to as backland development) is generally the placing of one dwelling behind another within a single plot, or the development of land set behind existing buildings.

A  simple unilateral undertaking (similar to a s106 legal agreement) was submitted to accompany the application to ensure a contribution is provided to mitigate against the increase in activity on Durham’s Heritage Coast through the provision of a new dwelling.

We are thrilled that we were able to assist our clients secure planning permission and look forward to seeing it being developed soon!

Given the unique living roof feature on the build we’re going to keep checking on site to take photos of the development and hope to share them with you once completed.

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