Planning Success – Durham Conservation Area

In this case a planning application for 12 townhouses was submitted to Durham County Council on a vacant site within one of Durham’s Conservation Area.

We don’t tend to do a lot of objections on behalf of resident’s groups, but issues relating to the harm on the conservation area was a key consideration, and the strength of nearby resident objection to the scheme was evident.

Local Planning Authorities can only consider ‘material planning considerations’ when looking at comments and objections to a development proposal. View our guide to What are Material Planning Considerations? 

It is important not to be a NIMBY (Not In MY Back Yard objector) when commenting on a development proposal. Take a look at our blogs How to object to a planning application without being a NIMBY and Everyone if a NIMBY where we give top tips for avoiding the title of NIMBY.

We quickly became au fair with the issues, provided written representations to the planning department and assisted with wording for a script for representatives of the residents who were speaking at the Planning Committee. It’s all about presenting a compelling case for the planning officers or Councillors sitting on the Planning Committee to consider. Most of the time we do advocate that interested parties represent themselves at these meetings.

Whilst the application was recommended for approval by Durham County Councils Planning Team, the case against the development was persuasive and much to the delight of our client the application was unanimously refused.

The applicant can appeal the decision, so whilst a victory was secured at the Committee this may not be the end of the process for the third-party group.

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Planning refused Durham Conservation Area