Planning Success Haswell

We are delighted to announce that planning permission has been secured for conversion of existing garage/outbuildings to a single dwelling covering the existing footprint with an extension at a site in Haswell, County Durham.

The application site is located amongst a dispersed grouping of five dwellings within the open countryside between the settlements of Haswell Plough to the south east and Haswell to the north east.

This was a resubmitted scheme as the original new build was refused on the basis of size, design and scale.  Notwithstanding these reasons for refusal we worked with the planning officer to resolve the issues and a revised design was deemed acceptable.

Whilst sometimes its hard to take a refusal, you’ve got to know when its prudent to appeal against a refusal or work with a local authority on a revised scheme.  In this case the alternative proposal achieves the clients aspirations of a 4 bedroom bungalow whilst also being acceptable to the Council – Win, Win!

Congratulations to our client!

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