Planning Success – s73 Modification of Planning Conditions

Planning House are delighted to have secured approval to the s73 submission which sought to vary conditions 2 (approved plans) 10 (soft landscaping) 13 (bat boxes) 15 (boundary treatments) 18 (glazing) and 24 (boundary enclosures) to reflect amendments made to substitute the house types from previously approved.   The original approval secured permission for 55 dwellings in Hartlepool.

The amendments consist of substitution of 2 bedroom house types on a number of plots with 3 bedroom house types on the grounds of market saleability.  The demand for the three bedroom properties has been significantly higher on the site therefore in response to customer demand our client, Port homes sought to substitute the house types on the plots as detailed by the plans submitted to accompany the application.  

The s73 application proposing modification to the planning conditions was approved by Officers at Hartlepool Borough Council under delegated powers.

Congratulations to our client Port Homes.

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