Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Planning Permission?

This depends on your proposal.  Some projects can be classified as permitted development under current planning regulations.  Please get in touch for a free initial consultation and we can advise you.  We also have a free eBook about permitted development.

How much does planning permission cost?

Statutory fees are set by Government, however these will vary depending on the size and nature of the development proposed.  If you need planning support we aim to charge you a fixed fee so there will not be any hidden costs.  Get in touch so we can give you an idea of the potential costs associated with your project.

How long does it take to achieve planning permission?

The time your local authority takes to determine your planning application will vary depending on the complexity of the proposals.  Councils aim to determine most consents within 8 weeks with major developments within 13/16 weeks.  During the consideration of an application, we can ensure any questions are answered promptly, attending site meetings and carrying out ongoing negotiations to help you achieve a positive outcome in the quickest time possible.

I want to build a house – where do I start?

Take a look at our eBook for Self Builders for some information about the process.  Once you have found your site we can evaluate it in terms of planning policy (national and local) for a residential development.  We will highlight any planning issues you might have or any specialist reports that may be needed as well as providing a robust statement to support your planning application.  There are different methods to apply for planning.  Please contact us, we can help you decide the best route forward for you.

What supporting information do I need?

The inclusion of a planning supporting statement can be an important part of any planning application as it fully justifies a proposal.  Having a clear planning statement supporting a proposal allows the application to be assessed quickly as the council would have all the relevant planning information from the outset to make a well informed decision.  We can also provide you with a planning statement to include in your planning application submission.  However you don’t always need a planning statement if it’s not a complex proposal.

Other statements/information you may need to support an application include Tree Surveys, Heritage Statement, Design and Access Statement, Transport Assessment etc.  Take a look at our eBook on Application Process for more details on this and the planning process.

Can I extend my home without planning permission?

In many cases you can extend your home within certain limitations under current permitted development planning legislation. However, the regulation is complicated and we always advise you to check before you being any work, our eBook about permitted development rights can give you further advice.

How do I appeal against my planning refusal?

Knowing your options should you receive a refusal for your planning proposals if important, guess what…we’ve covered this in an eBook about Appeals. We can represent you at in an appeal providing support and guidance on your options even if we weren’t involved with the application itself.  Get in touch for further information.

Why should I use a planning consultant?

Planning applications and all their potential complications can be daunting. With a million and one things to think about, it’s very easy to make oversights that could make life difficult for you in the long run. By hiring a town planner, you will have the reassurance that there is someone there to provide expert guidance every step of the way, increasing your chances of a successful project from the outset. Take a look at our blog on When to Hire a Town Planner.

How do I choose a planning consultant?

If you’re planning a development, choosing the right professional is important and needs careful thought. A town planner can unravel red tape for you.  We’ve produced a Guide on how to choose a Town Planner.

What services do you offer?

Click HERE for more information on which services we offer.

What are your fees?

Our fees are calculated for each project and can be charged on the basis of an hourly rate or a fixed fee. In almost all instances we will propose a fixed fee so that there is certainty for you as the client.  We can only give you a quote once we know the work required for a project.

In general fees will include travelling expenses, all correspondence and representations on your behalf.  However in some cases there may be some unforeseen expenses or disbursement costs may be incurred  these will be discussed with you as the client as early as possible.

It is important to note that our fees will not include any statutory fees such as planning application fees, legal fees or the fees of any other professionals or consultants that may be required.



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