Take your career to the next level and share in the success of the Planning House brand.

Are you an ambitious, experienced town planner with a proven track record? We have opportunities for people who want to join our team.

Join Planning House and enjoy the freedom of flexible working, a better work/life balance and being part of an amazing team.

Not everyone fits into a 9-5 Monday to Friday mould. Embracing a way of working to ensure that there is no compromise between work-personal time shouldn’t be an unusual arrangement.  

We also have opportunities for entrepreneurial individuals to run their own business, whilst accessing resources and support from our central hub.

Work smarter not harder. If the thought of running your business sounds interesting don’t waste time or money on admin tasks, marketing, chasing invoices or doing your accounts. Join our independent network of planners and we will help you with…

Planning House was founded by Chris Pipe, a former Head of Planning for a Council and UK Planning & Land Director for a large PLC. Helen later joined the team and following on from the success of their appointments, Chris is now ready to introduce an Associate Programme, giving other Town Planners the opportunity to become part of the well-established band.

"Although we work flexibly, we are no less able! I personally think we’re actually more responsive to client demand! I bet none of our clients switch off at 5pm! Who needs to fit in a 9-5 box when we can create a box that fits us perfectly!"

Helen Heward

“9-5 is definitely the old way of working and others will catch up to us! There has definitely been a shift in attitudes to home working especially as a lot of people have now experienced working from home during to the pandemic - it works for us, our clients and our families”

Chris Pipe

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