Planning Success – Change of Use, Residential to Offices

We are delighted to have assisted our client by securing planning permission for change of use from a residential setting to a business hub within an area of Hartlepool.

The proposed development sought office based working – online, which falls within the New Class E use class.  We all know that in the last year working habits have changed, a lot of businesses have, or are adapting their practices and seeking new ways of working.

The development proposed a different way of working, with professional services provided online.  Commercial uses which do not effect the vitality or viability of the town centre can provide a more diverse offer for an area and more opportunity for economic success.

Planning House’s Helen Heward provided a Retail Impact Assessment and a Sequential Test which demonstrated that the proposed development would not harm the town centre or other designated centres.

Hartlepool Planning Team took a proactive approach and understood the need to diversify the commercial offer within the town, supporting the proposed development.

We’re thrilled for our client, and congratulations Helen for being our Retail Impact/Sequential Assessment Queen!

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