Planning Success – Edinburgh

Edinburgh City Council have granted Advertisement Consent for our client on a prominent building in the the City.  Moreover on a category A listed building, within the World Heritage Site and the Old Town Conservation Area.

Did you know that the display of advertisements is subject to a separate consent process within the planning system – known as Advertisement Consent.  Focused on the effect on amenity and public safety only. This regime is lighter touch than the system for obtaining planning permission for development.

The temporary advertisement measures a whopping 200sqm.  covering the scaffolding around the façade of the building whilst repairs are underway.  The high-quality advert would form part of a net on the building.  And include a 1:1 image of the section of the building under repair.

The advert will only be in position during the building programme. During which time the revenue generated from the adverts will contribute towards off-setting the scaffolding costs, facilitating the upgrade of the premises and minimise the visual impact from the scaffold structure.

Sounds like a Win Win to us!

What about Listed Building Consent?

This proposal involved a prominent Listed Building in the heart of the City.  In general proposals which effect the fabric or setting of a Listed Building require Listed Building Consent.  This is separate to Advertisement Consent or Planning Permission.  Even though a Listed Building Consent application was submitted to avoid delays in the installation of the advert, the Council confirmed that Listed Building Consent was not required.

There is no cost associated with the submission of a Listed Building Consent in England, Wales and Scotland.  

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