Here’s my why…

As a mam of 3 amazing girls (grown up, kind of) my why are them! It can be stressful to manage EVERYTHING and most of the time I do this alone.

Some days it’s the guilt of having minimal hours on an evening with my gorgeous little girly purely due to after school clubs or juggling general household chores whilst thinking about work. And other days I stress that I have provided her the chicken nugget smiley face dinner instead of a nutritious whole heartly dinner.

A change of career then gave me the opportunity to see life in a different prospective, I have always worked in education but then was given the amazing chance to join planning house team.

Planning House gave me more than flexible remote working it gave me a life I can manage around my “WHY” (my girls). Chris patiently trained me in the business side of Planning House. I won’t lie there were some days I do think she wanted to kill me but the team have always been my number one cheerleaders.

We work remotely, but we have regular Zoom meetings and sometimes these may just be a general welfare check on us to show support. We know we are always there for each other and I know when I say this but I do believe this also helps with their “why” I haven’t missed a single parents meeting, play and have experienced a lot of Charlottes school experiences that I did miss with Katie and Emma due to not being able to get time off from work. Moving from education to business was scary but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. Planning House has the best ethos FAMILY FIRST and its true to its word.

I as many parents suffer from PARENT GUILT…….. IT’S REAL…… You know the guilt I am on about but its ok, I’m no Pinterest mam, my house looks like I’m losing a game of Jumanji when the messy box comes out, but again remote flexible hours has allowed me to make these memories and ease the parent guilt.

Anyway, I just want to say my “WHY”(my girls) is a lot easier to juggle now thanks to Planning House!!


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