Planning Success – Extensions and Alterations to flats, Newcastle

Planning House have had assisted with another planning success story, for works and alterations to properties in the Elswick area of Newcastle. These extensions and alterations aim to enhance accommodation for a couple of properties consisting of flats.

The application sites comprise 2 terraced property containing flats. Surrounding properties have been converted to flats, including several nearby houses split into multiple living spaces.  An application for works to the properties was refused in November 2023 prior to our involvement.

Planning House were brought into the team to produce a statement seeking to address the reasons for refusal, with the aim of securing a positive decision.   We also recommended alterations to the proposed development and provided a robust statement.

Working alongside Peter Goldthorpe, from Goldline Architectural Limited, we provided advice through the process.

Congrats to Goldline Architectural Limited and our client! 

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Planning Success Extensions and Alterations to flats