Planning Success – Planning Permission Granted for Holiday Lodges

Planning PlanPlanning House are delighted to secure permission for the erection of 14 holiday lodges with associated parking & pathways at land to the north of Holmewood, between Aislaby and Eaglescliffe / Yarm.

The proposed development was initially refused permission by Stockton Borough Council.

The main issues were :

  • Whether or not the appeal site is an appropriate location for the proposed development;
  • The effect of the proposed development on the character and appearance of the surrounding area;
  • The effect of the proposed development on the living conditions of occupiers of nearby residential properties, with particular regard to noise and disturbance.

Helen Heward prepared and submitted a robust grounds of appeal covering these issues which were endorsed by the Planning Inspector who allowed the appeal.

The planning Inspector considered that there would, inevitably, be some reliance upon private vehicles to access the site and to travel further afield as part of a holiday at the appeal site. However, the type of accommodation proposed would be low key in both scale and appearance and would not necessarily lend itself to a location within an existing settlement.  They also recognised that additional overnight tourist accommodation would contribute to the wider local economy as a base for visiting both local and regional services, facilities and attractions.

The Inspector was satisfied that a countryside location was appropriate for the nature and scale of the development proposed. Also in the context of a small rural community such as Aislaby and its surrounding countryside, background noise levels will typically be low, which our clients ‘Noise Impact Assessment of External Plant’ confirmed.

We are thrilled the inspector took such a positive position on a tourism development and look forward to see this develop for our client.

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