Planning Success Leicester – Discharging Planning Conditions

Sometimes clients need help discharging planning conditions.  In this case Planning House were delighted to assist our client in discharging conditions relating to the approval of two applications.  The first one securing change of use from ground and first floor offices with 4 flats above to ground floor retail with six flats above in Leicester.  And its sister development relating to conditions attached to an approval to change the use to a residential/retail development of a building on the opposite side of a busy junction but within the same ownership.

The conditions related to the requirement to include renewable energy into the developments.  In this instance solar panels were considered the best option, which the Council agreed.

Planning authorities are increasingly emphasising sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprint of new projects through the adoption of low-carbon technologies, such as renewable energy sources.  In our Collections page we have an Energy Collection which we hope will provide you with more information on this topic.

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However, if you need a Town Planner and like what we’re about feel free to CONTACT US, we strive to provide clear, no-nonsense advice with the aim of ensuring our client’s cases are best represented.

Planning Success Leicester - discharging planning conditions