Planning Success – Grayfields Sports Pavilion in Hartlepool

GOALLLLLL!  We’re thrilled to have secured approval for improvements to the facilities at Grayfields sports pavilion in Hartlepool to allow the club to progress to compete in the northern league.

The planning application sought permission for various improvements to the existing facilities at Grayfields Sports pavilion to provide facilities for FC Hartlepool in detail the planning permission includes extension to club house to provide first floor terrace, new hardstanding/path adjacent to pitch, new covered seating stand comprising 100 seats, covered standing terrace for up to 60 people 6 x flood lights, turnstiles and 3 x flag poles adjacent to entrance. Retrospective approval for 2x dugout and 3 x storage containers.

Part of the development was implemented without the benefit of planning permission.  If you find yourself in a situation where you’ve carried out works without consent, be mindful that enforcement issues can be complex and fast paced.  Take a look at our Enforcement eBook which uncovers everything you need to know about breaches of planning control, including enforcement time limits, non-compliance, the range of methods used to tackle a breach and different types of enforcement notice.  Our blog also covers situations such as this maybe useful– Oh No I Don’t Have Planning Permission! 

Notwithstanding the retrospective element of the proposal, Hartlepool Borough Council supported the development.  The improvements will meet the entry requirements will allow FC Hartlepool to compete in the northern league which will elevate the aspirations of the club, players and surrounding area through the promotion of grassroot sport.

Congrats FC Hartlepool and good luck!

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Grayfields sports pavilion in Hartlepool