Planning Success – Appeal Allowed for Residential Development

Planning House are very pleased to announce that we have secured planning permission via an allowed appeal for a residential development, up to 3 dwellings, on land outside of Esh Winning.

The appeal site comprises an area of overgrown land is located in the countryside, adjacent to an existing terrace of two-storey properties. approximately 1.3km away from the centre of Esh Winning around 400m from the outskirts of the village.

The Council refused the application on 1) sustainability of location and 2) character and appearance of the area.

The site is located on a relatively busy single carriageway that runs between Esh Winning and Ushaw Moor.  The Inspector noted that there are no amenities in the immediate area and as a result, residents of the development would be required to travel to nearby settlements to access such services.  Notwithstanding this due to a useable pedestrian route and proximity to a bus stop the Inspector agreed with our submission that the accessibility of the site to
local services and facilities would not be solely dependent upon the use of the private car.

Whilst the Council consider that the proposal would constitute a form of ribbon development contrary to the recently adopted Local Plan.  The Inspector considered that the limited amount of development for up to three dwellings, within the context being seen in conjunction with the existing terrace, would not cause harm overall.

The appeal was allowed on this basis,.  Congratulations to our clients!

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