Planning Success – Beauty Salon, Spennymoor

We are delighted to have assisted our client by securing planning permission for a beauty salon at their home in Co. Durham.

Our client used a detached outbuilding to the side of their property which was originally intended to be the properties double garage as a beauty salon.  The use intensified and our client was approached about the use by the Council’s enforcement team and whilst she tried to submit the information and deal with the Council on this matter herself she found that she needed professional help.

As the property is located centrally on a relatively new residential estate of similar properties in Spennymoor there were a number of objections from neighbouring properties.  However with he effects of the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent the Council took the view that there was a need to support economic growth and productivity, taking into account both local business needs and wider opportunities for development.  As the development would ensure continued employment for the operator of the business through a period of economic uncertainty due to the COVID -19 pandemic the proposal gains positive support in this respect.

We’re thrilled for our client, congratulations Rachel!

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