Planning Success – Durham Dogs

Planning House are delighted to have secured planning permission for Durham Dogs, a recurring client, at their dog agility/training facility.  The site in this instance related to an area of agricultural land adjacent to the existing dog agility training business in Co. Durham within open countryside. The proposal we secured planning permission for is for the use of the land for secure dog walking areas, with secure car parking which accesses the secure field directly.

It is essential to the existing building to have land to exercise dogs within a secure and supervised environment as there is a lack of secure, designated areas for dogs to legally be off-leash within the local area.  The development provides 2 separate secure areas for walking dogs.  The lack of adequate spaces for people to walk their dogs safely is a problem and a properly equipped and managed dog walking area can solve these issues by providing a dedicated space for dogs to run and play in a secure and safe environment.  This is particularly important given the impending XL-Bully ban where from 31 December 2023, owners you’ll be required to keep your dog on a lead and muzzled when they are walked in public.  These secure walking areas will allow dogs to run and exercise in a safe and secure environment.  No formal training/agility is proposed on these areas, just walking and exercise. The areas will include enrichment activities to stimulate a dog on a walk – basic ramps, tyres etc.

Whilst the use would result in some limited additional structures and parked vehicles on the site, given the nature of the adjacent site and the structures associated with it, as well as the screening of the site by existing hedgerows, the development was not considered to cause any significant detrimental impact to the character or harm the intrinsic beauty of the countryside by Durham County Council planning officers.

Congratulations once again to our client, Durham Dogs.

Planning Success Durham Dogs