Planning Success – Planning Permission in Elwick, Hartlepool

We are happy to announce that our client, Graeme Pearson at GAP Design secured planning permission in Elwick,  Hartlepool, for the erection of a single storey flat roof extension to rear of an existing public house to provide restaurant area, conversion of existing former stables, storage area to provide 3no. letting rooms and retrospective application for replacement windows.  The former windows were timber sliding sash frames at the time of replacement painted green. The windows now installed are black uPVC casement frames in a mock sash style.

The site lies within a village Conservation Area and is subject to an Article 4 Direction limiting permitted development rights. The property is also a locally listed building.

While the principle of supporting an existing leisure and tourism business within the village to expand would accord with relevant Local Plan and Rural Plan policies, the Council’s planning team considered that the manner in which it is proposed to extend and alter the building would be at odds with the requirement to protect the quality of the built environment, causing less than substantial harm to heritage assets.

Notwithstanding this whilst the application was recommended refusal the Planning Committee differed in their opinion.  Members considered that the proposal would have economic benefits and an acceptable impact on the character and appearance of the conservation area.

Our Planning Statement incorporating a Heritage Statement highlighted that the proposed development would bring tourism into the area, improving the offer of the pub by introducing a restaurant, however this could only be achieved by replacing the windows to create a clean, energy efficient, warm accommodation and facilities which are fit for purpose.  Whilst it is accepted that the loss of the timber windows is unfortunate our case contended that the public benefits of the proposed development outweighed the less than substantial harm caused by the development, which Hartlepool Planning Committee agreed with.

Congrats to the McCorville Public House, Elwick.  And as always great to work with you Graeme!

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Planning Success Elwick- the McCorville