Planning Success – Home in Countryside

Cold Hesleden is a small cluster of dwellings adjacent the area proposed for Seaham Garden Village. We assisted a client in progressing an application for a new dwelling in the area.

There is currently a barn and a riding arena on site however it has consistently been targeted by criminals. Despite putting in place extra security measures this did not overcome the issues faced by the applicant.

This consistent crime has resulted in great costs to the applicant and mental anguish as a result of concerns for the welfare of the horses kept at the site.

The Officer recommendation was to refuse the application, however the Planning Committee considered that on the basis of its location that the site was sustainable. This was endorsed by an appeal decision where the inspector concluded that even though the occupiers would have to negotiate a narrow country lane, this would be for a relatively short distance and the lane is not heavily trafficked. Therefore in allowing the appeal the inspector considered that the site had access to regularly services bus stops and lit footpaths which linked the development to the existing built form and as such the site was a sustainable location for a dwelling.

Combining the sustainable location and the criminal activities currently faced the Planning Committee voted in favour of the proposed dwelling and approved the development.

Thank you Durham Planning Committee for this consistent decision and for supporting a member of your community.