Planning Success – Residential Development, Hartlepool

Planning House are thrilled to announce approval subject to a s106 securing developer obligations outline consent for 5 dwellings for a residential development in Hartlepool.  The site currently comprises an existing detached 5-bed two storey dwellinghouse with ancillary outbuildings located on a parcel of land measuring approximately 0.48 hectares in area, within the open countryside / rural area.

The application site is located beyond the development limits of Hartlepool and of the rural villages, within the open countryside / rural area. Approximately 1km north-east of Dalton Piercy, 1.5km east/south-east of Elwick and 1km west of the existing urban area of Hartlepool.

The officer recommendation was to refuse the development, however Hartlepool’s Planning Committee identified that whilst in the open countryside the site is close to another approved residential development, and near a site allocated for 1200 houses!

Members of the Planning Committee voted in favour of the proposed development which will add to the housing supply for the Borough and provide a high quality development in the rural area.

The applicant is a developer we have worked with in the past and he is very competent in the industry, knowing when to instruct professionals to assist him.  On this occasion our client didn’t need to instruct us as the agent leading the application – this was carried out by the person who produced the plans, who we also work with regularly.  In this instance we produced the planning statement, incorporating design, access and sustainability statement which provided justification for the scheme and were available to discuss issues and provide support as required.  Surrounding yourself with the right team is crucially important when progressing a scheme, have a look at our related content with regard to Hiring a Town Planner.

Congrats to our client Euro Property Management Ltd, and the agent Graeme Pearson, Gap Design.


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