Planning Success – Major residential scheme accepted in Hartlepool

Planning House is on a roll with yet another success under our belts. A major 76 housing residential scheme has been approved unanimously by the planning committee in Hartlepool.

The approved development will deliver phase 2 of Port Homes residential development on Seaton Lane, Hartlepool. As the site is currently allocated as public open space, negotiations took place to ensure compliance with policy requirements to deliver improvements to the remaining open space. Therefore, approval of this development will provide much needed homes and significantly contribute towards improvement of a key area of public open space.

This application was delayed due to on-going nutrient neutrality matters but following discussions with the Council’s ecologist and Natural England it was determined that due to the location of the wastewater treatment plant, all parties were satisfied the application would not require further mitigation to ensure the development was nutrient neutral.

Nutrient neutrality is a means of ensuring that a development plan or project does not add to existing nutrient burdens within catchments, so there is no net increase in nutrients as a result of the plan or project. Our guide to the The Basics of Nutrient Neutrality might also be of interest.

You don’t always need a town planner, If you’re not sure if you need help from a Town Planner take a look at blog on When to Hire a Town Planner our download a Guide on How to Choose a Town Planner and if you do need some assistance with your development proposal, CONTACT US.