Planning success – discharge of conditions Hartlepool 

Planning House are delighted to secure discharge of conditions relating to materials and dust mitigation.

We were instructed to write a dust mitigation strategy during construction and associated demolition following a recent approval of a major development at J & B Recycling, Hartlepool.  Details within the dust mitigation plan and for the finishing materials were considered to be acceptable by the local planning authority and formal discharge of the condition was granted.

The Council received the details on the 24 June and discharged the conditions less than two weeks later. WOW Thanks to Hartlepool Borough Council for progressing this so fast!

We look forward to seeing the development commence soon.

What does ‘discharge of conditions’ mean? 

If you are granted planning permission, it can often come with a list of ‘conditions’. These are things you have to either do, not do or stick to when using your planning permission.

The discharge of a planning condition involves a formal application process where details relating to an approved development can be considered and a decision made on their acceptability.

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