Planning Success – Discharge of conditions in Northumberland

Planning House were delighted to secure approval for the discharge of conditions associated with highways, noise management and surface water drainage in relation to a recent approval for change of use from agriculture to a commercial dog training business.

The submission addressed the pre-commencement requirements comprising a detailed noise management plan which public protection were satisfied with.  Plans showing drainage arrangements which demonstrated the site would not cause any drainage issues.

Highways details were submitted and agreed with Northumberland County Council, however this condition was partially approved due to the need to implement the scheme and secure agreement from the Council for other details.

The operation of the business can now commence safe in the knowledge that planning requirements have been addressed.

The site is within the Green Belt and adjacent residential properties.  As Chris is the crazy dog lady adding a third dog to her pack, she may just need to visit the dog trainers for some advice!

We also had the pleasure of working closely with Elliot Architects to prepare and submit the application and look forward to working together again on any future projects.

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Yes – the picture is of the new addition to Chris’s Muppet pack, Fozzie & Bear have a baby bedlington puppy – Rowlf!