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The UK Housing Crisis and Its Links to Town Planning

We’ve published articles about the Housing Crisis before, alongside other planning professionals, however when we see articles like the recent one by the BBC highlighting that rough sleeping is up more than a quarter in a year, we have to acknowledge that planning plays a fundamental part in tackling the issue.… More >>

The Journey to Net Zero

Following on from our article on Climate Change and the Town Planning System, we’re looking at the global initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change, known as the Journey to Net Zero, which aims to achieve a state where the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere is equal to the amount absorbed.… More >>

Climate Change & The Town Planning System

Let’s start at the beginning. Chris has been inspired after watching Guy Martin’s Power Trip, Channel 4 series looking at Energy, the cost of it, renewables, the journey to net zero etc.  … More >>